42Inside the Presidency of Bill Clinton

42Inside the Presidency of Bill Clinton

Michael Nelson, Barbara A. Perry, and Russell L. Riley

Print publication date: 2017

ISBN: 9780801454066

Publisher: Cornell University Press


This book uses hundreds of hours of newly opened interviews and other sources to illuminate the life and times of Bill Clinton. Combining the authoritative perspective of these inside accounts with the analytic powers of some of America’s most distinguished presidential scholars, the chapters offer a major advance in our collective understanding of the Clinton White House. Included are chapters on the major domestic and foreign policy initiatives of the Clinton years, as well as objective discussions of political success and failure. This is the first book to make extensive use of previously closed interviews collected for the Clinton Presidential History Project, conducted by the Presidential Oral History Program of the University of Virginia’s Miller Center. These interviews explored officials’ memories of their service with President Clinton and their careers prior to joining the administration. Interviewees also offered political and leadership lessons they had gleaned as eyewitnesses to and shapers of history. Their spoken recollections provide invaluable detail about the inner history of the presidency in an age when personal diaries and discursive letters are seldom written. The authors had first access to more than fifty of these cleared interviews. The book provides a multidimensional portrait of Bill Clinton’s administration, drawing largely on the observations of those who knew it best.

Table of Contents

Part I Politics

1 Redividing Government

Michael Nelson

2 Triangulation

Bruce F. Nesmith and Paul J. Quirk

Part II Domestic and Economic Policy

3 Compromise and Confrontation

Sean M. Theriault, Patrick T. Hickey, and Megan Moeller

4 Root Canal Politics

Brendan J. Doherty

5 The Broken Places

Andrew Rudalevige

7 Hillary Rodham Clinton

Barbara A. Perry

Part III Foreign Policy

9 Peacemaker’s Progress

Robert A. Strong